Sunday, December 7, 2008


Men on craigslist are always talking about their penises. They talk a lot about what they want people to do to their penises. One of the things I find fascinating about craigslist is that people are much more honest about some things than they would be in real life, but also willing to tell some very wild lies they wouldn't even considering if you'd met at a dinner party.

People always lie about penis size. Either that those uncharismatic types who can't pick up girls in bars are all sporting nine inches.

There is one place, however, where adding a few extra inches will actually decrease your chances of getting what you want. And when you want a blowjob from a woman might just be one of those times.

The post, in its entirety:
can any real women respond who are willing to take 8 inches of cock?
I like a big one as much as the next girl and probably more than most, but I prefer them in my vagina because shoving a massive dick down my throat is not that comfortable. I'm usually okay with it for the first thirty seconds, because that is about how long it takes blowjobs to stop being fun for me. 

He's probably more like seven or seven and a half, and either of those would be much less intimidating.

And then there's the question form, as exemplified by who wants to try a 9" DICK??? I kind of doubt he'll be able to get those "nine" inches up at all, since he sounds like he's been having a serious coke binge.
Pretty straightforward really. Your pics get mine. No fella or couples. Call me the US Enterprise 'cause I go boldly where no man has gone before--ALL THE WAY (and then some). Feed the cat. Hurts so GOOD.
It's accompanied by a photo of a sweet young lady:

But she doesn't look exactly comfortable. 

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