Monday, December 8, 2008

Race, Confusion, and Craigslist

Sometimes, craigslist is more confusing than anything else. And sometimes it gets kind of borderline racist. And sometimes it gets really racist. If you want to read a thoughtful dissection of racism on craigslist, go read this article. I'm just going to make fun of one of the odder posts I found this morning. The spelling isn't mine.

Hey there i a new to new york, but i am not new to love making . I have been with many white daughter of white father and turned their pussy into a black dick craved pussy . This not me who is telling them but i went to a forum and saw , both pic and graphic pics(semi nude and full nude)of white girl with black not one or true but hundred of them just just like me .I am not saying this but some true video speaks 

I want to make love to some white chick and then go and tell her dad that i am Bf. LOL i was kidding. i want to fuck the white girl who love black dick. i am black man. yes young and i am in school in . i am don't want some one from my college to know that what i am doing. that is why i am online looking for new friends. I have dated many girls and want it to be a NSA , 

this is going to be secret and no one will no and all behind closed doors 
m4ww m4mw--
The spelling and race fetish are kind of funny, but pretty much normal for craigslist. The weird thing is the obsession with the girl's father and the fact that he feels the need to tell us that he got this idea from some kind of online forum, specifically one with both nude and semi-nude photos.

Perhaps the most telling part of this is where he says he wants either two women or a woman and a man. I'm pretty sure he's hoping to get in on some incest. There's a hodgepodge of fetishes here, and it's pretty entertaining.

Yes, there's a photo, but check it out yourself.  It's a boring standard blurry penis shot and it's not interesting enough for me to upload.

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