Thursday, December 11, 2008

More religious oddness.

Sometimes I read posts in Casual Encounters and I don't know whether they were put there by mistake or if the poster is just trying something new. People get pretty creative trying to get strangers to have sex with them.

Religion always seems to me like a really odd thing to bring up in Casual Encounters. It makes sense in the personals, but when you're trying to get casual sex I don't think your strongly held religious beliefs are relevant. If anything, they're offputting because I assume that if we do have sex, you'll feel bad about it the next day. Really religious people are completely insane about sex.

That said, I think this one falls into the "funny mistake" category, and I'm posting it more for its location than anything else.

Ok Ladies 

I'm a God fearing black man who does construction and although I never finished high school I believe deeply and strongly in God. I don't have a car, but the little that I do have I don't mind sharing. I spend most of my time attending church and teaching bible study 3 times a week. My prayer is that some day God will send me a God fearing woman who will be my wife. Nothing will make me more happier than this. I don't have much money so women who are gold diggers please do not respond because I believe true love is free. Please respond with photos and I will do the same. 
I feel bad making fun of this guy because he's so poor and he's looking for true love on Casual Encounters, and because spending that much time at church would make me slit my wrists. 

I went to Catholic school, and we had mass once a month. I always brought a book and tried to sit where none of the teachers could see me. I never got caught, which means either the teachers weren't paying attention or that they were just as bored as I was and could sympathize. I'm generally kind of fascinated by religion and religious belief, but I think that's mostly because I find the whole thing so boring that anyone who takes it seriously is like a space alien to me. 

So I feel a little sorry for this poor space alien who spends so much time being poor at church. If you are a god fearing black woman (or you know one) please give E.T. here a chance.

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