Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's have a contest!

One of the main attractions of craigslist is the incredibly creative ways men think up in order to convince women to have sex with them. We've already seen a guy attempting to get laid with the help of misogynistic poetry, but that isn't nearly as special as this guy.

This guy is holding a blow job contest for cute girls.  And if you're all geared up to enter this contest and win a mouthful of come (there's no mention of any other prize) then stop and check your driver's license -- this contest is only open to those between eighteen and thirty-three. Sorry, MILFS.
i am a handsome nice WM with a great body and nice cock. 

i want to pair a few sets of cute blow job experts off to see who is the best of the best of CL NYC. these will be fun situations with getting to know each other before the competitive part begins. 

you will compete in pairs. i will try to get 8 girls total in the contest. the winner of each round will advance. 

you will each have a minute to make me nut and then swap off. the girl who makes me lose my load wins. 

the contest will start as soon as i get two girls and will be working on 8. send all your details if you are interested. tell me about your special talent and why you deserve to go tongue to tongue with other top notch talent.
I can't say I've seen anyone attempt to get sex by appealing to women's competitiveness. Points for creativity.

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