Thursday, January 1, 2009


The most dangerous thing about craigslist casual encounters is that they are sometimes incredibly tempting.

This post, for example, is entitled, perhaps somewhat repetitively, MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL MODEL. The request is completely vanilla, but there's a photo and the guy is cute. He has a hotel room in Beverly Hills. Hot guy, nice place, glam job, will probably buy me weed. I'm home for the holidays and bored off my ass. I see no bad. I could be having sex right now. I could be having stoned sex right now.

I click automatically whenever I see a post from a college student. I'm a college student, and I tend to have sex with other college students. Plus, college student means close to my age and relatively intelligent, which decreases the sketch factor considerably.

Except most of the time they never say which college. So the sketch factor is still pretty high.

I have no real point to this, except that this completely unremarkable post should be congratulated for leaving me legitimately tempted, and for having a photo that without showing the guy's face makes me think he's going to be hot. 

The guy is twenty-three, which is old for college. Either he's a grad student or just dumb. Either way, I could go for it.

Reading craigslist while bored is dangerous.

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