Thursday, January 8, 2009

PSA time and depression.

My last post was on dangerously tempting craigslist ads. This post is about ads that just seem like the author has given up. Most craigslist posters try to sell themselves -- hence "I am a supermodel with a ten-inch penis and I will smoke you out!" -- but these poor guys have just given up.

This young man has written a post entitled Down with the condom... I don't understand his ellipse, but I don't understand much about the title. Is that "down with the condom" as in "hey, I'm down with condoms" or as in "DOWN WITH CONDOMS!" 

Craigslist never disappoints.
I want to fuck bareback tonight. I want to experience finally what it feels like without the rubber. I'm latino, 5-8 and chubby. 
If you are responding to a craigslist ad, you should be using protection. 

Out of curiosity I did a search for bareback. Most people seem to have figured this out. There are some requests, but considering the sheer number of posts I'm proud of craigslisters. But not of this guy. He leads with the intriguing can you handle 20 cocks? and then proceeds to prove that he is dumb as a box of rocks, and thinks you are too.
yes im serious. im offering around 20 cocks for a super horny slut. 

you must be between 18-29. on the pill takes it bareback, loves analand pussy creampie and swollowing cum. must host. please send a pic and number. otherwise no response
20 cocks. Bareback. The kid is 19, which is no excuse because so am I and I know better. Go ahead, have a gangbang. There's always some kind of risk involved, but fucking 20 guys you met on craigslist and don't know without any protection is stupid. Bring condoms to your group sex.

This next one is just depressing as fuck. I feel sorry for the guy. He draws you in with a clever title -- Cripple needs a nipple, really -- but then proceeds to make you want to kill yourself.
Seperated, lonely, need someone to help me forget i'm disable. 
I use a sportschair. to fly past everybody going downhill. haha 
Diner, movies, anything really, oh yeah must be 420 friendly. 
5 ft, 20 lbs overwieght. I know, I know, sorry. 
hey at least i still have a heartbeat. ok, sorry. that was bad. 
You must be a happy person, anything goes, but it goes better with a smile. 
emial me, I dare you. 

Um, hugs?

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