Thursday, November 27, 2008

Does this blog already exist?

I did some cursory googling, but I didn't find anything. Apparently a blog a while back had a name that sounded too much like the name of the actual craigslist blog and got in trouble for it. Hopefully I'll avoid that.

I've been reading Casual Encounters for a while now. I read them for laughs, because they're funny. Men who post in CE have a whole lot of optimism, which strikes me as kind of compelling. I like the contrast between total honesty about sexual desires and ridiculous lies about endowment, age, and attractiveness. It makes for an interesting mix.

This blog is about me hunting down the best of craigslist for your reading enjoyment. I'll usually try to copy down posts in their entirety, because craigslist breaks links pretty fast and that's just frustrating. I'm also going to try to guess at the motivations behind the postings, and I'll probably tell you some of my stories.

I'm going to write another post about some actual cl entries pretty soon, but for now go read this fun I Did It For Science article. Grant Stoddard attempts to hook up with someone on craigslist, and is really entertaining in the process.

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